Episcopal Diocese of Virginia
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We post our sermons online for those who cannot make our service as well as for seekers who would like to find out our theology - straight from the pulpit.


Gospel Reading   
10/15/17 Matthew 22:1-14 Senator Jennifer McClellan Deeds, Not Words
10/1/17 Matthew 21:23-32 Mother Phoebe Roaf Where's Your Authority?
9/24/17 Matthew 20:1-16 Deacon Frederico Garza One Mind, One Spirit
9/17/17 Matthew 18:21-35 Mother Phoebe Roaf Forgiveness - A Lifelong Process
9/10/17 Matthew 16:21-28 Mother Phoebe Roaf Relationship
9/3/17 Matthew 16:13-20
Deacon Frederico Garza Peter's Trap
8/20/17 Charlottesville Deacon Frederico Garza Charlottesville
 8/6/17 Luke 9:28-36 Mother Phoebe Roaf Transfiguration, Rejuvenation