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We post our sermons online for those who cannot make our service as well as for seekers who would like to find out our theology - straight from the pulpit.


Gospel Reading   
6/11/2017 Genesis 1:1-2:4a Mother Phoebe Roaf How Big Is Your God?
6/4/2017 John 20:19-23 Nadia Greene What the Holy Spirit Means to Me
5/28/2017 Acts 1:6-14 Deacon Frederico Garza We Are at the Threshold
5//21/2017 Amazing Grace Yewande  Austin Amazing Grace
5/7/2017 John 10:1-10 Mother Phoebe Roaf The Good Shepherd
4/23/2017 John 20:19-31 Mother Phoebe Roaf Doubting Thomas
4/2/2017 John 11:1-45 Mother Phoebe Roaf Jesus Wept
3/26/2017 John 9:1-41 Deacon Frederico Garza Can You See It?
3/19/2017 John 4:5-42 Mother Phoebe Roaf You Don't Need Fancy Words!
due to technical difficulties, the recording starts about 30 seconds into the sermon)
3/12/2017 John 3:1-17 Mother Phoebe Roaf You Can't Do It Alone
3/5/2017 Matthew 4:1-11 Mother Phoebe Roaf The Temptation
2/26/2017 Matthew 17:1-9 Mother Phoebe Roaf The Mountain-top Experience
2/22/2017 Acts 1:15-26 Canon Hilda Kabia St. Matthias
2/19/2017 Leviticus 19:1-2,9-18 Deacon Frederico Garza What's REALLY Important: Love
2/12/2017 Matthew 5:21-37 Mother Phoebe Roaf Jesus' Morality
2/5/2017 Matthew 5:13-20 Mother Phoebe Roaf Salt and Light
1/28/2017 Matthew 5:1-12 Mother Phoebe Roaf Blessed Are You!
1/22/2017 Matthew 4:12-23 Deacon Frederico Garza Are We a Life-Saving Station?
1/15/2017 John 1:29-42 Mother Phoebe Roaf Come and See